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Eagles Starters to Play First Quarter

The Eagles spent this morning going through a simulated game that was closed to the public as they prepare to take on the Baltimore Ravens in their first preseason game of the season.

Andy Reid addressed the media afterwards, and said that his starters would play the first quarter. The 2nd team would take over from their until the half, and for the rest of the game it will be a combination of the third and fourth teams.

In addition to breaking down how he will divide his playing time, Reid said that Jamaal Jackson will start the game at center. Their had been some speculation over the last few days that rookie center Jason Kelce might take that role, but at least for the first game, it appears as if the job is still Jacksons. Reid did mention, however, that Kelce could see some time with the first unit. It would not be shocking to see that happen, as Howard Mudd is a big fan of Kelce, and would more then likely be interested in see him go up against the Baltimore Ravens defensive line.

Vince Young has struggled in camp so far

Vince Young will come in and quarterback the second unit. Young has had a rough training camp so far, both in learning the offense and mechanically. Multiple times Young has gone to the line only to be called back and talk with offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg. Young has also had trouble making basic throws, as most of his balls have been overthrown or off target. This could have to do with him processing the offense while he is trying to play.

Jason Avant and Riley Cooper will be the starting recievers, while Chad Hall and Sinorce Moss will back them up. Moss has had a great camp, and it will be interesting to see if he can translate that into the game. Moss is fighting for a roster spot, and with Jeremy Maclin out, the Eagles will be interested in keeping as many playmakers as they can. Unlike Avant, Cooper and Hall, Moss has the speed to take one to the house.

On defense, Reid said that when the team is in nickel, Asante Samuel and Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie will play the outside. That means that Nnamdi Asomugha will man the middle, a role he has embraced. It will be interesting to see how much defensive coordinator Juan Castillo will show in terms of their plans for using the package for the regular season. With most preseason games, the gameplan is very vanilla. But with so many changes, and with Castillo new to calling the plays, it will be interesting to see how complicated the gameplan gets.

Speaking of Castillo, Reid said that tomorrows game will be the next step for Castillo. Castillo has been wearing the headset on the sideline for the last few practices, getting used to making the play calls. If the defense has problems getting a play in or seems confused, that could be coming from Castillo more then the inexperience of the defense playing together.

Either way, add up all of the plot lines for tomorrow night and you have one of the most anticipated preseason games in years.



Eagles Must Keep Asante Samuel

Every morning Asante Samuel has taken this field this year at Training Camp, either he or an excited fan in the field have started singing “Asante’s Back! Asante’s Back!”, as if every time he walks out from the clubhouse could be his last.

With the acquisition of Nnamdi Asomugha and Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, it is now rumored that the Eagles are listening to offers for the Pro-Bowl cornerback, fueling fire that he could be gone at any moment.

But make no mistake about it: the Eagle would be making a mistake by trading away Asante Samuel.

Asante Samuel's swag is backed up by big plays

The fact is, despite the how red hot Howie Roseman has been this offseason, it will be very hard to get value back for Samuel. Pipe dream rumors of San Francisco 49er linebacker coming to Philadelphia for Samuel are just that- dreams. Fans talk about moving Samuel for a player in a position of need, but with the signing of OT Ryan Harris, the Eagles really don’t have many holes. Middle linebacker Casey Matthews may not be proven, but it will be hard to trade Samuel for a middle linebacker that is as talented at his position as Samuel is. Trading Samuel for a player will only result in a downgrade of talent on the defense.

If the Eagles move Samuel, they would be lucky to get a 2nd round pick, and more then likely will get a 3rd. Plus, given the Eagles very clear front office mentality of win now, it is unlikely they would remove a huge piece of the defense for a future pick.

Andy Reid and Juan Castillo have not just been spewing PR talk when they have said time after time how lucky they are to have three Pro-Bowl cornerbacks. You would have to go back sometime to find an Eagles defense with this many playmakers on it. While there may have been more dominating defenses in the past, no Eagles roster has never had this many playmakers on it. Opposing offensive coordinators will finally look across the field and have players to be afraid of.

Simply put, the more playmakers you have, the better you are.

Logistically, on the field it would work. The talks by Nnadmi Asomugha and Juan Castillo about putting Nnamdi all over the field- including the nickel- are real and they are both excited about it. While Nnamdi may need some time to adjust to playing a Charles Woodson hybrid style cornerback position, he is talented and smart enough to make the move quickly. Nnamdi has spent his whole career on an island out in Oakland, not being thrown at and not being given the chance to make plays. It is easy to see why the idea of being put in the middle of the field and being told to go make plays would excite him.

The fact is, despite his actions to the media, Samuel wants to stay here.

Before Samuel spoke to the media on Monday, he talked with Andy Reid. It is also rumored that he called Reid while he was still away and said that he wanted to remain an Eagle. At practice on Wednesday, Samuel was his usual self- running around, talking, and making plays. Juan Castillo was sure to make clear to the rest of the team who the veteran on the team was- asking Samuel on multiple occasions to show other players his technique, and asking what the team punishment should be for dropping balls.

Samuel has been his usual self at training camp

Call Samuel what you want, but one thing you can’t call him is stupid. Samuel knows that Nnamdi agreeing to a hybrid corner role allows Samuel to keep his regular position full time. It will also, combined with the presumably improved pass rush, force more balls to be thrown in distress. Their is no better player in the league at jumping a route then Samuel. The fact is, with Nnamdi and DRC in the fold, Samuel could have a career year- and he knows it.

Those that worry about Samuel ruining the locker room should calm down. The fact is, Samuel has not gotten along with his coaches since he has arrived in Philadelphia. And although Reid could have handled the Terrell Owens saga better, he knows that all Asante needs is a little ego stroking. On Sunday he may make some questionable calls, but Monday-Saturday, their is no better coach in the NFL. Reid knows how to put together a team and handle egos.

Knowing that on the field keeping Samuel will make his defense better, all Reid needs to do is trust himself to make it work off the field- which he will.

Which is why if the Eagles are serious about being all in this season, the Eagles must keep Asante Samuel.

Andy Reid: “I have spoken to DeSean”

The event fans were most afraid of missing due to the lockout did, in fact, take place today.

Andy Reid’s first press conference of the new season.

Although the preseason didn’t even start yet, Reid was in midseason form, deflecting the hot topic questions on Kevin Kolb and right cornerback.

Will Kevin Kolb be a member of the Eagles?  ” I don’t want to divulge anything, ” said Reid

Starting right cornerback? “I’m not going to tell you,” shot back Reid.

When the topic of DeSean Jackson and his impending holdout came up, Reid would only say that he has in fact spoken to DeSean, but would not go into what was said. Reid said that he understands that holdouts are part of the game, and that he can only coach the players that are here.

Reports continue to come in that DeSean Jackson will in fact hold out. While he does not have to report today, if he does not report tomorrow it will then officially become a hold out. Tomorrow also marks the day when fines will start to accrue.

Off the field drama aside, Reid did answer some questions about what his offensive line will look like.

Reid said that his starting center will in fact be Jamaal Jackson, who missed all of last season with a torn bicep muscle. Mike McGlynn stepped in last season and did a solid job despite it being his first year at the position.

At right tackle, Reid said that Winston Justice will retain his starting job despite being benched during the playoff game in favor of King Dunlap.

Danny Watkins, still unsigned, is the current starter at right guard according to Reid. While their is no question that after investing a first round pick in Watkins that is where the team wants to see him, any time Watkins misses at camp is going to really hurt his ability to learn the playbook and get reps with the first team.

As for the first few days, Reid said that in order to ease the players in, their will be no hitting until Sunday.

Reid was also asked if  new rules that came out the CBA- such as no two-a-days- would affect the intensity of the practices.

“They will be as physical as ever” said the head coach.

Would Reid Sign Favre?

It took 3 months, but it appears that a topic in the NFL may actually have come up that annoys fans more then the lockout.

Brett Favre is open to a comeback.

Would Favre and Reid be open to a reunion?

Gil Brandt of recently said that he believes Favre would be open to playing another year if he were presented with an opportunity.  Now it doesn’t get any more speculative then that, as saying Favre is open to playing is not the boldest statement to make.  But if Favre really is open to a comeback will look for a team to sign him, the question has to asked:

Would Andy Reid bring in Favre as a backup?

When Donovan McNabb was back in town a few weeks ago, the topic of whether or not Reid would bring McNabb in as a back up was discussed. Much of the same logic that was used to make the argument for brining back McNabb- veteran, knows offense, close with Reid- can be used for Favre.

For those that may not know, Reid was Favre’s quarterback coach the year Favre won the Super Bowl. Since then, Favre and Reid have remained coach. Respect between the two is mutual, and it is not far fetched to think the Reid would give Favre a call to come back up Michael Vick. Assuming Kevin Kolb is traded, the Eagles will be in the market for a veteran back up. If he agreed to play the part, Favre would be the best back up in the league. While he may not be capable of playing 16 games, he certainly could come in and play in spot situations.

While it is unlikely to happen, it certainly makes more sense on paper then Reid deciding to sign Michael Vick. Reid has shown that he is not afraid to go with the people he trusts and knows. Reid did, after all, try to sign Troy Aikman in 2002.

Clearly this is all just good conversation. So with that being said:

Would you sign Favre as a back up? Comment and vote in the poll!

Would Reid bring back McNabb?

There Donovan McNabb was- working out with his former teammates, saying what great shape he was in, and talking about having a great next season.

But as McNabb worked out in New Jersey with members of the Philadelphia Eagles, the question had to asked: could they soon become his current team mates?

Would the fans welcome back McNabb and his world famous smile?

The obvious, short answer to that is a resounding no. McNabb is looking for a situation where he can start, improve his image,and make good on what he party invitation promises- “future Hall of Famer.”

But lets live in a world where it was a possibility. Because its not hard to imagine a scenario in which it could.

If McNabb is released by the Washington Redskins when the lockout ends as many expect, it will be interesting to see what kind of offers he gets. McNabbs dream of playing in the location of his summer home, Arizona, will most likely be blocked by Kevin Kolb. Brad Childress is gone in Minnesota, and while Leslie Frazier has ties to Andy Reid, they drafted a quarterback in the NFL Draft. McNabb showed during his time in Philadelphia he is not crazy about dealing with quarterback controversy.

Locations such as San Francisco and Seattle would make sense, but those teams may decide to start rebuilding with a young quarterback as well.

The question then becomes: if McNabb is unable to find a place to call home, how long does Andy Reid let him be publicly embarrassed?

Make no doubt about it- it would be a PR disaster for McNabb if he had to go searching for a job instead of being courted. If it gets to that, it is not far fetched to think Andy Reid or McNabb would talk about a possible reunion. Reid talked for years about his love for Donovan, and has shown that he will make a bold move if he thinks it will help a long time friend. Just take a peak inside the Defensive Coordinators office at the NovaCare if you don’t think thats the case.

Reid could once again run his favorite play: the wildcat

If Kolb is traded, Reid will no doubt be in the market for a veteran backup. McNabb, on paper, would be the dream scenario- proven, professional, knows the offense. For McNabb, he might look at the dangerous playing style of Michael Vick and see himself as one play away from finally being able to play with some weapons in Philadelphia.  Vick would remember McNabb suggesting that Vick be brought in 2 years ago, swallow his pride, and sign off on the move.

Would McNabb be welcomed back into the locker room? The “Young Guns” of DeSean Jackson, Jeremy Maclin and LeSean McCoy were happy to see McNabb go. Vick, however, is very popular within the locker room. The fans would also most likely not welcome back McNabb, as it seems with every day he is gone they grow more and more tired of him.

Clearly, this scenario is about as likely as McNabb hitting a receiver in stride over the middle.

But in a world where Michael Vick is the Eagles starting quarterback, Juan Castillo is running a defense, and Andy Reid is committed to the run (well, not that), stranger things have happened.

Unnamed NFL Coach: Lockout over by end of July

It wouldn’t be a day in the NFL without news regarding the lockout, so as fun as it is to discuss LeSean McCoy and Osi Umenyoria, the fact is the lockout is still very much on.

But according to a report by Clark Judge of, coaches in the NFL see an end in sight.

Juan Castillo has a lot on the line this season, making training camp critical

Judge reports that NFL coaches have been alerted to be ready for the lockout to be over by the end of July, so prepare for the season accordingly.

“As long as we get six weeks to prepare for a season opener, we’ll be fine” one unnamed NFL coach said to Judge.

An interesting note from the report is that while coaches and players are concerned about the amount of reps they will have before the season, NFL owners are not. For players, their bodies are on the line. For coaches, their job is on the line. But for owners, once the fan walks through the gate, they have already won- in their wallet.

The report also states that coaches are preparing for two scenarios. The first would have five days of workout outs before training camp to focus on conditioning. Free agency would occur during that period.

The second scenario would have two weeks before training camp for player signings, with some workouts scattered through out.

If it is true that coaches are expecting such a quick turnout around between end of the lockout and training camp, then it is good Andy Reid and Juan Castillo are known for preparing. Reid has said that multiple plans are ready to be executed when the lock out is over. Castillo is known to sleep over at the office, so you can rest assured he will be ready.

Source: Eagles “loading up and going for it”

A few days ago, Eagles owner Jeffery Lurie spoke about the teams aggressive off season plan they have ready to go when the lock out is lifted.

Details of that plan now seem to be leaking, and Michael Silver of Yahoo Sports thinks the Eagles are ready to go all out.

Howie Roseman says his team is ready to go once the lockout is lifted

“This is the year” said the source to Silver. “We think we have a great shot to win it, and we’re loading up and going for it.”

What does loading up and going for it mean? Well, earlier today, Silver reported that Eagles new defensive line coach Jim Washburn desperately wants soon to be free agent Albert Haynesworth. This move would make sense, as Reid loves to win the game at the line, and if Washburn is convinced he can turn Hanyesworth around, Reid should be all for it.

Silver also reports that Andy Reid “loves” the idea of adding Plaxico Burress. This would go along with what Reid said earlier in the day during a chat on When asked about how he plans to address his teams red zone offensive woes, Reid said along with new plays, they will also have new players. If Silver is right, this seems to be a reference to Plaxico.

Not mentioned on the wish list was free agent corner Nnamdi Asomugha. Reid said during the same chat that the team should be fine at the right corner position. Reports have also come out that the Eagles are luke warm on Asomugha, with both his style of play and the anticipated price.

Silver qoutes Eagles G.M. Howie Roseman as saying that he is “ready for some action- right now.”

“I think there are going to be a lot of opportunities in front of us, players looking for short term deals who want to win a championship,” said Roseman to Silver. “Any good player that we think can help our team, we’re going to take a look at.”

Roseman is still new to the job, and could view this off season as his chance to make big moves via Plax and Haynesworth at a cheap price.

Short term options who want to win a Super Bowl have those two players names written all over it.