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Eagles Starters to Play First Quarter

The Eagles spent this morning going through a simulated game that was closed to the public as they prepare to take on the Baltimore Ravens in their first preseason game of the season.

Andy Reid addressed the media afterwards, and said that his starters would play the first quarter. The 2nd team would take over from their until the half, and for the rest of the game it will be a combination of the third and fourth teams.

In addition to breaking down how he will divide his playing time, Reid said that Jamaal Jackson will start the game at center. Their had been some speculation over the last few days that rookie center Jason Kelce might take that role, but at least for the first game, it appears as if the job is still Jacksons. Reid did mention, however, that Kelce could see some time with the first unit. It would not be shocking to see that happen, as Howard Mudd is a big fan of Kelce, and would more then likely be interested in see him go up against the Baltimore Ravens defensive line.

Vince Young has struggled in camp so far

Vince Young will come in and quarterback the second unit. Young has had a rough training camp so far, both in learning the offense and mechanically. Multiple times Young has gone to the line only to be called back and talk with offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg. Young has also had trouble making basic throws, as most of his balls have been overthrown or off target. This could have to do with him processing the offense while he is trying to play.

Jason Avant and Riley Cooper will be the starting recievers, while Chad Hall and Sinorce Moss will back them up. Moss has had a great camp, and it will be interesting to see if he can translate that into the game. Moss is fighting for a roster spot, and with Jeremy Maclin out, the Eagles will be interested in keeping as many playmakers as they can. Unlike Avant, Cooper and Hall, Moss has the speed to take one to the house.

On defense, Reid said that when the team is in nickel, Asante Samuel and Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie will play the outside. That means that Nnamdi Asomugha will man the middle, a role he has embraced. It will be interesting to see how much defensive coordinator Juan Castillo will show in terms of their plans for using the package for the regular season. With most preseason games, the gameplan is very vanilla. But with so many changes, and with Castillo new to calling the plays, it will be interesting to see how complicated the gameplan gets.

Speaking of Castillo, Reid said that tomorrows game will be the next step for Castillo. Castillo has been wearing the headset on the sideline for the last few practices, getting used to making the play calls. If the defense has problems getting a play in or seems confused, that could be coming from Castillo more then the inexperience of the defense playing together.

Either way, add up all of the plot lines for tomorrow night and you have one of the most anticipated preseason games in years.



Could Rookie Kelce be Starting Center?

Before training camp started, it was expected that Mike McGlynn and Jamaal Jackson would battle it out for the starting center position. But based on the first team reps this morning at Lehigh, you now have to add Jason Kelce to the list of players competing to start on opening day.

Kelce took a lot of snaps with the starting unit today, and looked impressive doing it. New offensive line coach Howard Mudd does not seem to have settled on a starter yet, as players have been shuffled in and out of that position all camp. While Jackson was the starter before he got injured, McGlynn stepped in last season and played well in his absence.

While Kelce is a rookie, head coach Andy Reid said that experience will not play a role in who starts. “I see guys battling it out,” said Reid after practice.

“We’ve got three, really four guys that can play in their. What [offensive line coach] Howard [Mudd] is doing is he’s looking for the five best guys, and its no different at that position. So if it ends up being a veteran player or a rookie player, we don’t rally care. We just want the best guys.”

Could Kelce end up being that guy? Their is still a lot of camp left, but so far, Coach Reid likes what he’s seen out of the former Cincinnatti star.

“I think physically you see he’s a good athlete, he’s tough- but theirs more to it then that,” said Reid. “He’s got to learn. He’s a smart kid, he’s picking things up, but he’s got to continue to learn. Howard is asking him to do a lot of things and you’ve got to see where he ends up. But so far he’s handling the load pretty good.”

Would Reid trust a rookie to protect Michael Vick? It’s unlikely, especially one drafted as far down as Kelce. But if Jackson is unable to return to the player he used to be, you may seen Kelce on the field sooner then expected.