Breakdown of Eagles Rookies

Any die hard Eagles fan knows that one of the best parts of training camp is watching an late round pick or undrafted rookie make a name for himself. Its a beautiful part of camp- everyone has a chance.

This year, the Eagles have 22 players who no NFL experience trying to make the active roster. Below is a break down of each along with their chances of making the team.

Perry Baker, WR: Listed at 6’2, 175 pounds, this rookie wide out from Fairmont St. is known for having good hands. Most NFL Draft experts say he has enough moves to get open, but does not have top notch speed. In addition, his paper thing body leaves him open to injuries. Chance of making Team: 1%

DeAndre Brown, WR: While the Eagles are deep at wide out, DeAndre Brown has one thing the rest of the group doesn’t: size. Standing at 6’6, Brown has the height and athleticism to out jump any of the Eagles cornerbacks. He has a reputation of clashing with coaches, but he has one thing they cannot teach: size.  Chance of making team: 10% 

Cooper can make this team if he excels in the return game

Graig Cooper, RB: Cooper, listed at  5-10 & 205 lbs, fits the typical body build that Andy Reid likes: small and fast. Cooper’s best chance of making this team is in the return game. Cooper has the ability to return both kicks and punts, which is an area of need for the Eagles. The Eagles would love for Cooper to come in and take the job, as they have not had a consistent kick returner over the last few years. Chance of making the team: 35%

Noel Devine, RB: Many NFL experts were surprised to see Devine go undrafted- and with good reason. Devine was one of the most dangerous running backs in the college game last year, as his combination of speed and elusiveness made him a nightmare for opposing defenses. Had he not been hurt last year, he would have been drafted. Hopefully the Eagles can strike gold. Like Cooper, Devine will have to contribute on Special teamsL  Chance of making team: 35%

Stanley Havili, RB: Havill, a 6’0 230lb running back from USC, is a beneficiary of the new 90 man training camp roster rule in the CBA. One skill Havill does have is catching the ball, which is probably why Reid brought him in. Havill only makes this team if the rest of the Eagles running backs catch a serious virus. Even then, don’t count on it. Chance of making team: 1%

Alex Henry

Alex Henery, K: The argument could be made that Henery is the most important rookie on this Eagles roster. While Danny Watkins and Jaiquawn Jarrett were drafted higher, they can be hidden if they mess up. There is no hiding Henery, the rookie kicker from Nebraska who is going to step in for David Akers. Henery would have to really choke this job away not to make the team. Chance of making team: 85%

Chas Henry, P: If the reports are true that the Eagles are not brining back any of their free agents, then Henry is the only punter on this roster. A rookie from Florida, Henry is in the same situation as Henery- tons of pressure to be perfect from day 1. Unlike Henery, however, there is a good chance another punter is brought in at some point. Would be surprised if Henry is this teams punter in week 1. Chance of making team: 55%

Jaiquawn Jarrett, S: The Eagles surprised many when they took Jarrett this high, but Jarretts majority will serve him well. A four year starter from Temple, Jarrett is used to doing the work to be a starter- the preparation and the responsibility necessary  are nothing new to Jarrett. Thats a good thing, because the Eagles will need him to come in from week 1 and be the man at safety.Chances of making team: 100%

Jerrod Johnson, QB: A Texas A&M prospect, Johnson stands 6’5 and weighs 250lbs. Johnson played 12 games in 2009, throwing for over 3,500 yards and 30 touchdowns. He also rushed for over 500 yards that year, making him one of the more talented QB’s in the nation that year. His senior year, however, Johnson had shoulder surgery before the first game, and was never the same.  Johnsons only chance of making this team is if Mike Kakfa is either injured of plays very poorly. Still, Johnson has a great chance of making the practice squad as a Andy Reid project. Chance of making team: 15% 

Jason Keice, C: Keice played his college ball at Cincinnatti, but is undersized for his position. With Jamaal Jackson back, Mike McGlynn will be the back up center. The Eagles don’t need a third. Chance of making team: 0%

Dion Lewis, RB: Dion Lewis was the first rookie to sign today, which is a good thing- Lewis needs to get in the class room as soon as possible. Making the transition from college to NFL running back is hard for one reason- the blitz. Lewis must learn how to pick up the blitz, or he won’t see much playing time. Luckily, Lewis will have LeSean McCoy- his former teammate at Pitt- to help him out. Chance of making team: 95%

Greg Lloyd, LB: Lloyd must have been happy the last few days watching the Eagles cut linebackers loose like it was nothing. Lloyd, a 7th round pick for the Eagles, was 2nd team All-Big East in the 2009 season for UConn. While the chances are slim, the mere lack of bodies at the position will give Lloyd a chance to catch the coaches eye. Chance of making team: 30%

Curtis Marsh, CB: Marsh is one of the more interesting story lines of training camp. By all accounts the Utah State cornerback is way to raw to take the field. But as a third round pick, I find it hard to believe the Eagles will cut him loose. The roster spot is Marsh’s to loose, but he will if he has problems picking up the scheme or a bad attitude. Chance of making team:  85%

Casey Matthews, LB: As if their was not enough pressure already on Casey Matthews due to his brother Clay Matthews, the linebacker from Oregon saw himself jump up the depth chart this week as Stewart Bradley, Akeem Jordan and Ernie Sims all are were reportedly sent packing. Matthews may not be a starter now, but the Eagles want him to take the job. He can by doing what he did in college- being around the ball and making plays. Chance of making team: 100%

Brandon Peguese, LB: Peguese is a 6’1, 230 lb linebacker from linebacker Hampton. Peguese is a training camp body with little chance of making the team, but at least he plays at a position of dire need.Chance of making team: 10%

The Eagles displeasure with last years LB's will help Rolle

Brian Rolle, LB: A 6th round selection by the Eagles, Rolle earned being the right to be drafted by having a monster senior season at Ohio State. Rolle finished with 76 tackles, 2.5 sacks and 2 interceptions. The multiple interceptions is something you like to see from a linebacker, as it shows he knows how to read the play and make a jump on the ball. Chance of making team: 40%

Cedric Thornton, DT: Thornton, simply put, is a big boy. Standing 6’4 and weighing 309 pounds, Thornton’s only chance of making this team is by using that big body and clogging up the middle. Chances of making team: 15%

Isiah Trufant, DB: A 5’8 rookie from Eastern Washington, Trufant has one thing the rest of the Eagles cornerbacks have: a lack of height. That is not good for Trufant, as he doesn’t have something the rest have as well: NFL talent.Chance of making team: 1%

Julian Vandervelde, G: Drafted out of Iowa, Vandervelde only chance of making this team is if Howard Mudd had a say in getting his drafted. Otherwise , the Eagles will not be playing any rookie not named Danny Watkins on their offensive line anytime soon. Chance of making team: 15%

Danny Watkins, G: When Watkins was first drafted, Eagles fans had a fit over his age. But one thing that comes with age (hopefully) is maturity, which will serve Watkins well on an offensive line that has to protect an offense built to win now. Andy Reid made it clear at his press conference- Watkins is the starting right guard.Chance of making team: 100%

Martell Webb, TE: Webb comes into this camp fighting for the 3rd spot at tight end, behind Brent Celek and Clay Harbour. One thing Webb has on both of them is speed, as he ran a 4.7 40 at the combine. Blocking will be key to Webb’s chance of making this team.Chance of making team: 5%

Jeremy Williams, WR: Williams is a victim of normalcy. Standing at 6’0 and weighing 206 pounds, Williams does some things ok- but nothing great. In the NFL, you have to have a great tool to help you make a roster. Williams lacks that.Chances of making team: 1%


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