Report: Washburn wants Haynesworth “badly”

Eagles beat writer Sheil Kapadia, fresh off home from a honeymoon(congrats), is back doing a great job for and posted a story today that should be of great interest to Eagles fans.

According to Michael Silver of Yahoo Sports, an Eagles source described new defensive line coach Jim Washburn as wanting Albert Haynesworth “badly.” The source says that Washburn is convinced he can get the most of out of the Washington Redskin bust.

Eagles D-Line coach Jim Washburn reportedly wants a reunion with Haynesworth

This report comes a day after Redskins defensive coordinator Jim Haslett ripped Haynesworth a new one, questioning his desire and work ethic.

If the report is true, and Washburn really does want Haynesworth badly, its hard to imagine he won’t get him. Washburn is respected around the league as one of the best defensive line coaches, and chose to leave his long time job in Tennessee and join Reid’s staff. That move had to come with some power over picking his players. Washburn would be coming to Reid with the request as a seasoned coach- not an up and coming one who did not have Reid’s trust.

Washburn would also take on all responsibility of taking care of Haynesworth if he convinces Big Red to bring him on.

What would the Eagles have to give up to get Haynesworth? If he is cut, their is no question that Haynesworth will be cheap. After all the money he got from the Redskins, Haynesworth will have a hard time getting anything other then a low base salary, high incentive deal. If he is traded, the Eagles will more then likely not give up anything more then a 4th round pick for him.

If Haynesworth can come in and play up to the level Washburn thinks he can, he will be one of the best players on the team and an absolute game changer.

If Washburn can transform him back to that level of player, he will be worth every penny or pick the Eagles invest in him.


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