Would Reid Sign Favre?

It took 3 months, but it appears that a topic in the NFL may actually have come up that annoys fans more then the lockout.

Brett Favre is open to a comeback.

Would Favre and Reid be open to a reunion?

Gil Brandt of NFL.com recently said that he believes Favre would be open to playing another year if he were presented with an opportunity.  Now it doesn’t get any more speculative then that, as saying Favre is open to playing is not the boldest statement to make.  But if Favre really is open to a comeback will look for a team to sign him, the question has to asked:

Would Andy Reid bring in Favre as a backup?

When Donovan McNabb was back in town a few weeks ago, the topic of whether or not Reid would bring McNabb in as a back up was discussed. Much of the same logic that was used to make the argument for brining back McNabb- veteran, knows offense, close with Reid- can be used for Favre.

For those that may not know, Reid was Favre’s quarterback coach the year Favre won the Super Bowl. Since then, Favre and Reid have remained coach. Respect between the two is mutual, and it is not far fetched to think the Reid would give Favre a call to come back up Michael Vick. Assuming Kevin Kolb is traded, the Eagles will be in the market for a veteran back up. If he agreed to play the part, Favre would be the best back up in the league. While he may not be capable of playing 16 games, he certainly could come in and play in spot situations.

While it is unlikely to happen, it certainly makes more sense on paper then Reid deciding to sign Michael Vick. Reid has shown that he is not afraid to go with the people he trusts and knows. Reid did, after all, try to sign Troy Aikman in 2002.

Clearly this is all just good conversation. So with that being said:

Would you sign Favre as a back up? Comment and vote in the poll!


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