Ray Edwards an Eagles target?

Free agency is set to start any minute depending on who you ask, and according to a report from the Atlanta-Journal Constitution, defensive end Ray Edwards of the Minnesota Vikings is expected to be a target of the Philadelphia Eagles.

Edwards fits the description of a player the Eagles typically have interest in- young, tremendous potential he hasn’t reached, and cheaper then other top notch free agents.

Ray Edwards is young and talented- but also not proven

Edwards has been successful playing opposite of Jared Allen in Minnesota, but that might be more of a red flag then a good thing. It’s easy to put up numbers when other people on your line force a double team. Trent Cole is a top notch pass rusher, but he is not on the level of Jarred Allen. Would Edwards be able to put up the same numbers if he did not see single blocking on every play?

These are the kinds of questions the Eagles hopefully have already answered amongst themselves, because the whirlwind that is the NFL offseason is set to start.

UPDATED: Mike Missanelli of ESPN Radio 97.5 is reporting that Edwards is going to be house hunting in the area on Thursday. If this is true, can’t imagine he’ll be making the commute from Philly to another NFL city. Strong indication Edwards may be the first piece to come in for the Eagles.


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