Report: NFLPA to approve CBA at 11am

Late into last night, the NFLPA and NFL were working, trying to get this deal done in time for a vote today.

And if what Jay Glazer reports is correct, they got it done at around 3:30am.

The NFL and its players have finally agreed upon terms for the new CBA, leaving only a vote amongst the NFL players executive committee. Once those 32 members vote, and the 10 plaintiffs from the Brady v NFL legal case sign off, the lockout will be over.

Once the CBA is approved, a press conference is expected to happen around 1 o clock. What happens between then and the opening of camp?

Rumors have been flying for the last 24 hours, with most stating that free agency would start on Tuesday, but players would not be able to be signed until Friday. Training camps are set to open over the next few days, with the last few opening on Saturday. It is unknown when the Eagles will open camp, although it has been confirmed it will be at Lehigh University.

More details to come all day as they emerge.





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