Agent: Vick is open to long term deal

Lost in the shuffle today is a qoute below from Michal Vick’s agent Joel Segal, who spoke today on the NFL Network about Vicks current situation with the Eagles.

“I think a long-term deal is something both sides would covet. I will talk to Joe Banner and explore that,” said Segal. “I think Mike is amenable to it. He’d look forward to it. He loves Philly, loves the fans, he’s a big Marty (Mornhinweg) fan, big Andy Reid fan. If the Eagles are interested, we’re definitely interested. ”

Vick wants to stay in Philly according to his agent.

Of course, it’s not exactly earth shattering news to hear an agent say he is open to a long term deal. The Eagles may have intentions of eventually signing Vick to a long term deal, but a message was sent by only offering him a franchise tag. Andy Reid, Joe Banner, and Jeff Lurie may be mentally tied to Vick for the future, but clearly were not ready to be financially tied to Vick for years to come.

Will Vick end up getting a long term deal? If he starts off last year like he did the year before, it’s hard to imagine he won’t.

But until then, Vick should not quite cash in the big check he feels may be coming.


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