Asomugha, Cole miss practice with injuries

Despite the rain in Lehigh this morning leaving the field wet and slippery for the start of practice, the Eagles still took the field in front of their fans this morning for their usual 8am practice.

Two players who did not practice were Nnamdi Asomugha and Trent Cole, who both missed the morning session with injuries. Asomugha did not practice due to upper leg inflammation. Cole did not price because of an elbow injury. Head Coach Andy Reid said that the team did not consider either to be serious, and that Cole could be back at practice tomorrow. Asomugha could take a day or two, said Reid.

Nnamdi Asomugha

Nate Allen, the teams starting safety, also did not practice. Allen being held from practice was more precautionary then anything else, said Coach Reid. It’s safe to say that the wet surface had something to do with Allen not being out their, as multiple Eagles slipped early on due to last nights rain.

To finish off the injury news on the day, Reid said that Jeremy Maclin is still undergoing tests and had no timetable for his return. It is looking more and more like their is a chance Maclin may begin the season in street clothes or on the PUP. Their was also no update on Mike Patterson, who according to reports is looking for other medical opinions on whether he has AVM or not.


Defense Will Be Ok with Casey Matthews

It seems that Eagles fans have been spoiled by the Phillies.

The Phillies, a 70 win baseball team, are constantly knit picked apart by the fans. An extra arm is needed. The bench is weak. Ryan Howard isn’t clutch. It is their passion that causes them to do this, but the fact is at the end of the day, the Phillies are just fine.

Now, the Eagles defense is not on the same level as the Phillies. Questions about how this team will gel together are fair. Whether or not Juan Castillo will be able to adjust to making play calls on the fly is a legitimate concern. How the young safeties will play is unknown. And how Casey Matthews, the Eagles rookie linebacker from Oregon, will adjust to one of the most important positions on the defense is a concern that has most fans worried sick.

[vimeo 27384137]

But if the Eagles biggest problem it has all season is Casey Matthews, it will be ok.

The rookie middle linebacker is slated to start, much to the shagrin of the local fan base. With Nnamdi Asomugha on board, the feeling is that the team should move Asante Samuel for a middle linebacker. But unless they are able to get a top 5 middle linebacker- which is unlikely- the team should give Matthews a chance.

Matthews has looked good in camp so far, and seems to have done a good job grasping the playbook. Defensive coordinator Juan Castillo has moved players all around, but the one constant has been Matthews in the middle. Castillo has spoke at volume about the leadership Matthew has shown.

If Matthews was going to be expected to be a playmaker on the defense, then concerns would be valid. But by having the Pro-Bowl trio of Nnamdi Asomugha, Asante Samuel & Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie on the outside, and having an improved defensive line in front of him, Matthews will only be expected to hold fort in the middle. It will also make Matthews better, something that players on the defense have not done for each other in a long time.

We will find out a lot about Matthews over the next few weeks, as he takes the field for what should be a very interesting pre-season.

But so far, so good for Matthews.

DeSean to report on Monday

DeSean Jackson will finally report to camp on Monday morning, according to Howard Eskin of 610WIP. Eskin says there is no doubt that Jackson will return then.

A Monday morning report time makes sense, because if he is not in by Tuesday, he will loose this year of service on his contract. That means he would not be a free agent after this season, but have to wait another year.

Eskin also reports that Drew Rosenhaus has been telling Jackson to report to camp for the last few days, but Jackson has been resisting that advice.

It appears he finally we take it and report, which is the only move to make if he wants a contract.

More details to come as they emerge. Follow @EliotShorrParks for up to the second reports.

Eagles, Vick near extension?

Take not DeSean Jackson: Michael Vick has said time and time again that his contract will take care of itself.

And it looks like that is exactly what is happening- and it could be over soon.

Michael Vick looks on during practice

ESPN is reporting that Michael Vick and the Eagles are indeed talking about a long term extension. Their is no time table on when a deal will be done, but it should be done sooner then later.

It will be interesting to see what kind of money Micheal Vick gets. His age, combined with his dangerous playing style, will definitely playa  factor in how much determining how much guaranteed money Vick lands. At the same time, however, Vick is one of the best quarterbacks in this league, and his value to this team cannot be understated.

To anyone who has been at Lehigh, thing is very clear: This team, this Super Bowl contending team, is unequivocally Michael Vick’s team. It has adopted his attitude and his confidence. Free agents talk about wanting to play with him, and his teammates look to him to carry them.

The decision to sign Michael Vick two seasons ago has paid off in spades for the Eagles.

Now it looks like it is time for Michael Vick to cash in on it as well.


Eagles Podcast: Bob Grotz and Peter King

Here is a portion of the podcast recorded for Daily Local Weekly Podcast, in which I interview Delco Times Beat Writer Bob Grotz, and Sports Illustrated’s Peter King.

They talk about such topics as how the Eagles match up with the Packers, what will happen with DeSean Jackson, and other current issues surrounding the Eagles.

Check it out below:

Vick on Rob Ryan: He’s gonna have to deal with us

A few days ago, Rob Ryan took a shot at the Philadelphia Eagles, saying that they were the “all-hype team” and that the Cowboys were going to “kiss their a**”

Those words did not go over well with Michael Vick.

Speaking to 97.5 The Fanatic, Vick shot back at Ryan.

“I was mad about that,” Vick said with a cool confidence. “Sometimes my emotions do come into play and I felt like that was inappropriate. But he’s gonna have to deal with us. And he’s going to have to find solutions just like everybody else. And we don’t talk. We go about our business the right way.”

Vick is absolutely right in what he said, and would make head coach Andy Reid proud in the way he said it. The Cowboys and their defensive coordinator can talk all they want, but the fact is that their defense got burned by the Eagles last season in Dallas. It’s understandable that Ryan would want to fire his team up and show confidence in his players, but he might have awoken the wrong giant in Vick and the Eagles offense.

“Maybe we’ll make him eat his words” finished Vick. “I hope he backs it up.”

What’s going on with Maclin?

Every morning since he arrived at camp, Jeremy Maclin takes the field with his team at 8am to stretch with the rest of the injured players.

While Maclin is not injured, he has been sidelined with what can only be called a mystery illness. The Eagles have refused to speculate on why the star receiver is out, leaving the fans and media to only speculate on what it could be.

Maclin prepares for another day of watching

Noticeably thinner then last season, Maclin seems in good spirits as he paces the sidelines, joking with teammates and talking to coaches. He has refused to talk to any members of the media until he begins to practice. When that will be however, is anyones guess.

What is wrong with Maclin? The Eagles refusal to answer that question leads to speculation. During the offseason we were forced to play lawyers with the lockout, and now we are forced to play doctors with Maclin.

So here is some good old fashion speculation, based off of what we know and have seen at camp.

Many people have assumed that his absence is related to mono, which he had last year and caused him to loose 20 pounds.

But if Maclin has mono, why is he with his team? Even if he has recovered, and is deemed not contagious by doctors, why would the Eagles risk it? If it is mono, it must be a bad virus as he now has had it twice in less then a year, only giving the Eagles further reason to keep him away. Also, if it is mono, why would the Eagles not just come out and say it?

The fact the Eagles won’t talk, and Maclin is allowed to interact with his teammates has to make one think that something bigger may be going on. In addition, if the Eagles are still waiting for test results, this is the longest I’ve ever seen a mono test take.

By bringing Maclin back before he was ready, the team has only created more speculation about why he is out. Is something bigger going on with Maclin?

It sure seems that way, and the Eagles are doing nothing to dispel it.