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Packer’s Finley slams Eagles, Young

Vince Young has received some backlash from his “Dream Team” comment, as many felt it was to early to label this newly assembled group of players anything other then “a work in progress.”

But no one has come down on him harder then Green Bay Packers Tight End Jermichael Finley, who had this to say when asked about Young’s comment.

“That’s just talk. That’s on Paper. Vince Young is a back up. I don’t think he should be doing to much talking,” said Finley to WSSP in Milwaukee. “I ain’t worrying about all that. Like I said, you all can talk about the Eagles and the Saints all you want, that will come to a halt, I guarantee you.”

Vince Young's comment is still making headlines

Finley said what a lot of players around the NFL were likely thinking when they heard the comments, but for him to come out and blast Young like that was surprising. Once a star player at Texas and for some time in Tennessee, Finley really put Young in his place and served up a cold reminder of what he is now- a backup.

As for Finley’s “guarantee” that all the Eagles talk will come to a halt, he very well could be right. On paper, the Eagles and the Packers are equally as talented. The argument could even be made that the Eagles are more talented on paper. But on the field, the Eagles still have a long way to go.

Eagles owner Jeffery Lurie agreed with Finley in his ‘”State of the Union” address, when he said that the Packers are the “Dream Team.”

It will be interesting to see if Michael Vick has a comeback for this. He responded when Rob Ryan of the Cowboys said something about the team.

Finley’s comment should only add to the excitement when these two teams meet up this season- in the playoffs.


Vince Young on competing with Vick: “Of course we’ll compete”

As Vince Young made his away across the fields at Lehigh, meeting his new teammates and coaches, the fans rose in excitement to see the new back up quarterback.

Young talks with the other Eagle cornerbacks

Yes, only in Philadelphia can a back up quarterback receive a standing ovation upon arrival to camp.

With shouts of “Welcome to Philly!” and “We’ll treat you better then Tennessee”, Young saluted the fans as he walked around sporting his new number 9 jersey.

While Young did not take the field to practice, he did speak afterwards for the first time to the Philadelphia media. Young was asked about whether or not he would consider himself as competing with Michael Vick.

“Of course we’ll compete”, said Young. “It will only make us better. I know that if I am on the field, he’ll support me. And if he’s on the field, I’ll do whatever I can to help him.”

Young later said that he would be happy with whatever role the Eagles need him to play- even if it means running the scout team. Needless to say, the Eagles will not be paying Young over $5 million dollars to be third string. But if Young thinks he has any chance of competing with Vick, he is sorely mistaken.

Did Young try to start a quarterback controversy when he said he would compete with Vick? Probably not. Young seemed to only be trying to say that the two would make each other better.

But for a few moments, Young’s competitiveness shined through- something the Eagles hope does not shine brighter as the season goes on.

Eagles sign Vince Young

What was reported yesterday as being all but complete finally is.

The Eagles have confirmed that they have signed Vince Young to a one year deal. Adam Schefter of ESPN is reporting that the deal could be worth up to $5.5 million, which is a surprisingly high number.

Earlier today it was reported that Vince Young would be in Lehigh on Saturday, the same day that Nnamdi Asomugha is expected to be introduced.

Young has a career record of 30-17 as a starting quarterback. He has thrown for over 8,000 yards, 42 touchdowns, and 42 interceptions.

With Young in the fold, the Eagles have now added 4 Pro-Bowl players- Babin, DRC, Asomugha- since the lockout ended.

Report: Eagles, Vince Young reach 1 year deal

On a day the Eagles sent Kevin Kolb packing, they already have found his replacement.

Vince Young, the ex-quarterback of the Tennessee Titans, has reportedly agreed to a one year deal with the Eagles, according to Albert Breer of NFL Network. With Young still on waivers, the two sides have not been able to discuss specifics or sign anything, but Breer reports Young has agreed to come here.

Vince Young makes sense for the Eagles in a lot of ways, a topic that was covered at length last week.

Young is a proven NFL winner

The best quality a backup quarterback can have is the ability to step in at an instance and win a game. Intangibles, more then any other back up position, is key for a backup quarterback. They must be confident and be able to convince their team that they can get the job done.

Vince Young has that. He is a a proven NFL winner, with a career record of 30-17. For those doing the math at home, that is 10x as many wins as Kevin Kolb has as a starting quarterback.

Young also provides a long term answer if Michael Vick were to go down, something that is possible not just cause of his playing style, but because it is the NFL. Things happen. Young would be the best security blanket in the NFL.

The Eagles started the day with the best back up quarterback in the league.

They have now ended it with the best one has well.