McCoy Stepping Up On and Off the Field

One of the most impressive players at camp this year has been LeSean McCoy, the third year back who had a breakout season last year.

But while McCoy has been impressive on the field, he has been equally impressive off it.

LeSean McCoy is having a great camp

This is the 2nd season McCoy has entered camp as the starter. After having a year to adjust to the rigors of being an “3 down” NFL running back, McCoy has been able to be more vocal with his teammates. At practice, he is constantly helping other running backs, giving them tips and showing them out to run certain routes to improve their game.

It is not just the players McCoy has been talking to. At Mondays practice, McCoy spent about ten minutes talking with defensive coordinator Juan Castillo. The two talked about things they were seeing from the other side of the ball. When asked today about how DeSean Jackson missing has effected the team, his maturity once again shown through.

On the field, McCoy has been arguably the most impressive player on the field. While Vick has been very sharp and done a better job picking up the blitz, McCoy has been unstoppable nearly every time he touches the ball. His lightning quick speed has been on display, and he is making cuts that will make him a nightmare for opposing defensive coordinators. It is not unusual to see McCoy take a ball the distance in practice 3 or 4 times.

Last year, McCoy cemented himself as the best running back in the NFC East. If he is able to play like he is during camp consistently throughout the season, he may soon be talked about as one of the best in the game.


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