DeSean: ” I want to be an Eagle”

As DeSean Jackson watched on the sideline during the afternoon practice, Eagles GM Howie Roseman approached him and the two fist bumped.

It was tense to say the least.

Their is no hiding the fact that DeSean Jackson wants a new contract. His teammates ask about it, Eagle players ask media members if he has one, and the fans yell down from the bleachers begging the Eagles to give him one.

Jackson came one step closer to that contract by reporting to Lehigh today, a step he had to take in order to begin the negotiation process. Speaking to the media afterwards, Jackson said that while everyone might not agree with the holdout, its something he had to do.

“It’s really just about me wanting to step up and be a man about everything,” said Jackson. ” A lot of people can say negative things, but until somebody really goes through that and really is able to see how I feel. At the end of the day I have to be a professional.”

Professional is one thing that Jackson has been about the contract situation. Say what you want about the hold out, but their is no question that while he is with the Eagles, Jackson has handled the situation as good as can be. Jackson has wanted a contract since last year, and held it together. Now that he is at camp, Jackson says he will continue to do the same.

“I can’t cry about it, I can’t moan about it,’ said Jackson. “I’m here to play for the Philadelphia Eagles. I have a year under my contract. Hopefully something can work out. I think everything will. I’m just ready to get going.”

How the negotiations are going? Jackson refused to get into the details, but his agent, Drew Rosenhaus, was at practice- but was ushered off into the stands by the Eagles, who do not allow agents at practice.

As Rosenhaud paced back and forth in the stands on his cell phone, the good mood between Jackson and the players could not help be over shadowed by his agent lurking off in the distance. No matter how much Jackson smiles and says he is ok, the fact is it will be a distraction until Jackson gets a new deal.

When, and how much, that will be however, is anyone’s guess.


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