Brent Celek Disappointing So Far

The Eagles have been missing key offensive pieces during training camp so far, with Jeremy Maclin and DeSean Jackson both not having practiced yet.

While Brent Celek has been there, you wouldn’t know it unless you spent some good hard time trying to find him.

Brent Celek in a familiar place this camp- the sideline

Celek has been MIA in the Eagles drills so far this camp, as all the back up tight ends- Clay Harbor, Donald Lee and Clay Ingraham- have out played him.  He looks noticeably slower after adding some muscle this offseason during his workouts at PowerTrain in New Jersey.

Celek talked about it now slowing him down and how he is in the best shape of his life, but you wouldn’t know it from watching him at Lehigh. He has had trouble hanging on to the ball, which was something that plagued him last season. With an injury to his hand, most of the drops were excused, but as he continues to drop them during camp, you have to wonder when they will stop.

One reason Celek could have bulked up is all of the blocking he did last season. He was asked to stay on the line quite a bit to help out, which hurt his numbers. It’s understandable that after taking a beating last season in his new role week after week Celek would want to bulk up, but watching him struggle through camp, you have to wonder if he put on to much.

Luckily, Celek has plenty of time to adjust and improve before the first game. It is important he does, as he can be a safety net to Michael Vick on the underneath routes if he can start hanging on to the ball again.

But so far, Celek is not having a good camp.


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