Vick on Super Bowl Parade: “Plan It”

One difference noticeable difference between Michael Vick and Donovan McNabb has been the confidence and swagger Vick had brought to the quarterback position.

That confidence was on display again today during an interview with Howard Eskin and Ike Reese of 610WIP.

Vick stretches after a morning practice

Vick was asked about the excitement  surrounding this upcoming season, and the fans back in Philadelphia already planning a parade.

“Plan it,” Vick said confidently.

Vick went on to say in the interview that he feels this season will be a memorable one, and that he can’t help but work harder as the team continues to bring in free agents.

In the interview, Reese asked Vick if he felt like he had been given the keys to a Lamborghini. Vick agreed, saying now that he has the keys, all he has to do is drive it.

Vick has been razor sharp every day at camp. From the minute he takes the field to cheers from the fans, Vick has been smooth, confident and productive. Last year, coming in as the back up, he was more of a observer as Kolb ran the show.  One noticeable difference is how much time he has spent during this camp talking to his receivers, giving them little things he sees that could improve a route.  He is really putting his imprint on this team, as you can tell his teammates feed off of his confidence. He said that he feels every ball he throws is going to be a completion, and it’s looked that way so far.

Vick taking his game to the next level is a scary thought. After being so dominant at points last season, Vick could set NFL records if he is consistent over 16 games.

And if he is, that plan will need to be planned.


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