Jeremy Maclin joins team

Jeremy Maclin, who has been missing from camp due to an unknown illness, joined his team for the first time this training camp this morning.

Maclin jokes with McCoy on the sideline

Maclin came out as the rest of the team took the field, but did not have any pads on.Wearing only his practice jersey, Maclin stretched with injured Eagle Dion Lewis for about 20 minutes before going back into the team club house.

The 3rd year player would not speak to the media, and will not do so until he is back on the field practicing.

When Maclin later joined his team on the sidelines, running back LeSean McCoy threw a towel at him and joked “take this rookie.” Maclin walked around and greeted his teammates, many of which- such as Vince Young- he was meeting for the first time.

What Maclin is suffering from is still unknown. Some believe it is linked to mono, which he had earlier in the year.

Andy Reid said that doctors are encouraged by the test results, but until they are all in, he will not comment on Maclins status.


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