Report: DeSean Jackson to end holdout

Perhaps to excited about the moves the Eagles are making to stay home any longer, DeSean Jackson is reportedly ready to end his hold out, according to a report from 6 ABC.

DeSean Jackson could be in camp as soon as tomorrow, or may come in on Tuesday.

If the report is true and the receiver is ready to end his 4 day hold out, then chances are he will arrive tomorrow- because each day he misses, he is fined another $30,000 dollars. After missing 4 days, Jacksons fines have totaled $120,000 dollars- or a little under a  quarter of his reported $560,000 dollar salary.

DeSean Jackson

Howard Eskin of 610WIP also reported that the Jackson holdout is to end this week, but did not say what day. Eskin says that the Eagles will not negotiate a new deal with Jackson until he is in camp.

In the event that Jackson and the Eagles do reach an agreement, the fines will more then likely be waived.

6 ABC reports that the Eagles have offered him an extension- which would contradict Eskin’s report- but he declined it.

In addition, if Jackson does not report to camp soon, he will loose his right to become a free agent after this year.

If Jackson comes in without a contract, do not expect a pleasant scene at Lehigh. Last season, Jackson refused to talk to media at training camp, and fans yelled from “Pay the man!” from the stands. Its not a stretch to say that it will be considerably uglier this season if Jackson is forced to report because of fines he’s accumulated.

Will the Eagles give Jackson the deal is he looking for? Some has said that the deal Santonio Holmes got with the Jets- 5 years, $50 Million- is the benchmark for Jackson and the Eagles to work on. Jackson is a more dangerous receiver then Holmes, but will the Eagles commit that kind of money to a undersized receiver who has shown he can vanish for stretches at a time? Only time will tell, but Joe Banners style has never been to pay for past accomplishments. Only once has he done that, and that was for Brian Westbrook a few years back. For as many plays as Jackson has made, he is not on Westbrooks level yet.

With that being said, the Eagles have made it clear they are all in this year. Can they win without Jackson? Absolutely. But it’s hard to argue the team is just as good without him.

Where this thing goes is not yet known. But one thing is sure- when Jackson does arrive, it’s going to be quite a scene.


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