Asante Tweets, Retweets

The reason why Asante Samuel is absent from camp is unknown, other then that it is a “personal issue” that the Eagles are aware of.

Now, that could mean anything. But as the days go by and Asante Samuel is not in camp, you can’t help but wonder if he will ever be here.

With Nnamdi Asomugha and Dominique Rodgers Cromartie now in the fold, no one knows that Samuels role on this team is.

Are the following tweets news? Not really. But in a time when no one has heard from Samuel, it can be a considered a little glimpse into what he’s feeling. He would not “retweet” some of these statements if he did not agree with them.

Note: for any kids at home, don’t use some of the language in the tweets. Or don’t use it and say you learned it here.


Take from the tweets what you will, but if your going to take anything from them, take this: Samuel is not happy that some are questioning if he is the number one corner on this team.


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