Grading the ‘Kevin Kolb Era’

Kevin Kolb, taken with the 36th overall pick in the 2007 draft, was one of the most surprising picks in recent Eagles history.

That does not mean, however, it has not been one of the more successful ones.

With Kolb officially gone, it is now fair to look back and judge the ‘Kevin Kolb Era’, one that in retrospect was a very successful one for the Eagles. Although Kolb’s numbers during his time with the Eagles are nothing to brag about- just over 200 yards passing, 11 touchdowns, 14 interceptions, 73.2 QB rating- it is the impact he has had off the field that made his time in Philadelphia a successful one.

Experts and fans can knock his play on the field all they want, but from a pure draft perspective, the Eagles basically took the number 36 pick and turned it into Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie . That alone makes the Kolb pick a winner in the book of almost any general manager in the NFL.

But Kolb did more then that.

Kolb helped usher out the Donovan McNabb Era. Kolb came in and impressed coaches enough and handled himself in such a way that McNabb became expendable. While many fans at the time questioned the move, Kolb hit the peak of his development in Philadelphia just in time to send a declining McNabb to Washington.  While there is little doubt McNabb would have played better had he remained in Philadelphia then he did with the Redskins, if the Eagles still had McNabb they would be in a worse situation then they are now. One reason the Eagles are where they are now is because they successfully made the transition past McNabb, something that haunted this team for 2-3 years. Kolb played a part in that transition.

Kolb also deserves credit for playing a big part in building what was a very tight Eagles locker room last season. The over whelming majority of NFL players would not have handled the ups and downs Kolb was put through last season as well as he did, and would have torn the locker room apart. Kolb’s willingness to accept his demotion, and keep a strong bond with Michael Vick built a close knit locker room. The Eagles truly believed something special was happening to them last season because of how close they were and how everything seemed to break there way- up until the end, of course.

On the field, Kolb stepped in and won big games for this team every time he was called upon. Kolb a major role in key wins over the Atlanta Falcons and San Francisco 49ers lat season, two games that the Eagles had to have. They do not make the playoffs without those wins. Combine his game performances with his off the field attitude, and it can be argued Kolb was one of the key reasons for the Eagles success last season.

Overall, however, the Kolb era does not end the way Andy Reid wanted it to- Kolb is not the franchise quarterback of the Eagles. If Reid really believed he could be, then Kolb would still be here.

Final Grade: B+


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