Eagles sign Jason Babin

The first big move of the Eagles offseason has finally done, as the team has signed Pro-Bowl defensive end Jason Babin to a 5 year deal, according to Jay Glazer of FOX.

Babin to the Eagles is something that has been speculated for some time. Babin admitted yesterday that the two sides were in discussion. The deal is reportedly with $28 million dollars, with only $5-6 million of it guaranteed.

When Babin will report to camp, are not yet known.

Babin two seasons ago

From the day the Eagles brought Jim Washburn over to be the defensive line coach, it was assumed that Babin may end up here. After playing on the Eagles two years ago, Babin went to Tennessee and excelled up Washburn, making his first Pro-Bowl. Babin finished with 44 tackles and 12.5 sacks in 16 games. The 12.5 sacks marked a little less then half of the 30 career sacks he has compiled in his 8 year career.

During his time with the Eagles in 2009, Babin played in only 12 games after having an excellent preseason. Babin said during an interview this offseason that his lack of play was frustrating, and insinuated that it put a strain on his relationship with Andy Reid. Babin finished that season with only 11 tackles and 2.5 sacks.

Here is Babin’s reaction to signing with the Eagles via Twitter.

Will Babin continue his success here? The Eagles better hope so, as he will most likely be their only big free agent signing. While Washburn has shown he can get the best out of Babin, anytime a player who has not done it on a consistent basis is signed to fix a major need, it has to be considered a risk. Babin’s age- 31- could also be a red flag.

More details to come.


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