Report: DeSean “probably” holding out

What started as a Michael Vick comment has now been confirmed in a report by Geoff Mosher, Eagles beat writer for the News Journal of Wilmington.

Mosher reports that after talking to two sources, one of which is “fairly close” to DeSean, that the wideout is “probably not” showing up to Lehigh tomorrow.

Michael Vick, speaking to the media at the NovaCare this morning, turned what should have been a routine press conference into a breaking news one when he dropped a bomb on the media.

When asked whether or not he had spoken to DeSean Jackson recently, Vick had this to say about his number one wide out.

“Hopefully he will be here tomorrow. DeSean has some things to think about and some decisions to make that only he can make,” said Vick while sporting a Nike headband.

Vick was then asked directly if he thinks DeSean will show up to training camp tomorrow.

“I just don’t know. Just being realistic about the situation. It’s all in what DeSean wants,” said Vick.

Jacksons contract, which will pay him only $565,000 this year, was an issue all last season. Clearly upset about not receiving  the big deal he thinks he has earned, Jackson barley spoke to the media throughout the season. At training camp last season, Jackson slipped in through the back and refused to talk to the media throughout most of camp.

DeSean Jackson refused to talk to media last year at Training Camp

Will Jackson hold out of this years camp? If the report is true, then it looks like the Eagles will have a holdout on their hands. Despite it being a known issue, Jackson did handle himself well last season and did not create a problem in the locker room. His agent is Drew Rosenhaus, which always leaves the door open to a holdout. This year Jackson, who nicknamed himself “Jaccpot”, is serious about getting a contract.

The Eagles most likely will take care of him soon, but given Joe Banners tendency to take care of his players at a young age, Jackson may be seeing the writing on the wall that a deal is no guarantee.  Jackson is an undersized wide out who’s only real weapon is his speed- one of the first things to go in the NFL. While he is young, the Eagles cannot be blamed for being hesitant about giving him big money.


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