Does Haynesworth become an Eagle today?

When teams are allowed to start talking and executing trades today at 10:00am, chances are that the Eagles are going to be very active. Without question one move they are expected to make is a trade involving Kevin Kolb, the most sought after Eagles quarterback in recent memory.

But one trade they should explore is with the Washington Redskins, involving defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth.

Haynesworth was all smiles on Day 1 in Washington

The reports that the Redskins want to keep Haynesworth from becoming an Eagles are very much true. There is genuine bad blood between the two parties, a relationship that became toxic after the Redskins invested so much money in the Pro-Bowl defensive tackle and received so little back. Emotion will very much be a factor in what the Redskins do with Haynesworth.

But if their is one thing the Redskins have learned over the years, it is that making moves in the NFL with emotion does not work. Washington is famous for throwing big money at big names, going for the big exciting move instead of making a sound football move.

The sound football move for the Redskins with Haynesworth is to make sure he is not on their team next year. They can not go through another year with the distraction that Haynesworth brought to their team. The Redskins know that keeping Haynesworth is a mistake, but it is a bigger mistake to try keep him from the Eagles to prove a point- a point that will only hurt themselves.

Opposing teams know that if they bring Haynesworth in and he is unhappy where he is, he will be the same distraction he was in Washington. Haynesworth wants to be in Philadelphia, making him far less attractive to other teams in the league. The Redskins would be smart to be on the phone with Andy Reid and Joe Banner today, trying to see if they can salvage some value out of Haynesworth before they are ultimately forced to cut him loose before the start of the season.

Would the Eagles surrender a late round pick for the big defensive tackle? Likely not anything more then a 6th or 7th round pick. But as much as the Redskins want to keep Haynesworth from the Eagles, the teams have a good relationship- which is evident by the trade last season between the two for Donovan McNabb.

Eventually, the Redskins will have to start making moves that make sense for their team, and not just mesh with how they feel at the moment. That can start today by picking up the phone and trying to see what they can get for the $100 million dollar mistake.


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