Vick on Favre: It’d be an honor

Howard Eskin of 610WIP started what has become an annual NFL tradition last night: the Brett Favre watch.

Eskin reported last night that the Eagles may have interest in bringing in the future Hall-0f-Famer, in a back up role.

Since the report, Eagles reporters Tim McManus and Jeff McLane have shot down the report, saying that they have no heard the Eagles have any interest.

But that did not stop Michal Vick, the current Eagles starting quarterback, from taking to Twitter to support any potential Favre move.

Clearly, have Vick on board with any potential Favre signing would be big. Vick has been nothing but a great teammate and locker room guy since his arrival, so it’s no surprise that he doesn’t have any problem with Favre possibly being brought it.

Here is some footage of Vick talking about Favre, which I shot during with Garry Cobb of

Is bringing in Favre a smart move? It would make sense in many ways- proven winner, knows offense, comfortable with Reid.

But it would not solve any long term quarterback problems, if Vick were to go down. Favre showed last year he can’t handle a beating any more- and unless the Eagles offense line improves, he is in for one.


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