Free Agency to Start Tuesday?

On Monday, the NFLPA is expected to finally vote on the CBA the owners approved on Tuesday. With the vote, the lockout will officially end, meaning that fans can once again talk about football.

Could Kevin Kolb finally be traded on Monday?

And if the details from a recent email sent by Saints quarterback Drew Brees to his teammates prove to be true, the chaos that will be free agency this offseason may start sooner then expected.

“It looks like free agency will begin at noon on Tuesday and it will be open free agency,” wrote Brees according to Aaron Wilson of “There will be no 3 day grace period for teams to sign their own players. It will be open for anyone to sign anywhere.”

This could be bad news for the Eagles, who have some mid level free agents- Stewart Bradley- who now can test the waters before the Eagles get a chance to negotiate with them. If the Eagles have their eyes set on a bigger prize- Nnamdi Asomugha?- Bradley key slip away to a team that valued him more then the Joe Banner and Andy Reid did.

Free agency starting this quickly may also mean that Kevin Kolb could be traded as soon as tomorrow. Almost all NFL-NFLPA offseason plans have included some time before free agency where trades could be made. If free agency starts Tuesday, its not unrealistic to think that the league year would start tomorrow. The Eagle would benefit greatly from being able to trade Kolb before free agency starts, so they know where they stand in terms of acquiring Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie before they have to decide who to sign from the free agent pool.

Tomorrow promises to be a world wind day. Make sure to follow @EliotShorrParks on Twitter for up to the second news and rumors.


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