Updated: NFL Owners approve new CBA

Yesterday, the NFLPA was expected to vote on and approve the CBA.

The NFL Owners beat them to it.

Meeting today in Atlanta, the NFL Owners have reportedly approved a CBA, according to Albert Breer. The final vote was 31-0, with the Oakland Raiders electing not to vote.

If the CBA is approved by players, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell says that the team facilities will be open to players on Saturday. The league year will begin on Wednesday.

For the Eagles, this means the first day Kevin Kolb could be traded would be Wednesday.

Commissioner Goodell also announced that the Hall Of Fame Game has been cancelled.

It is now up to the players to complete the process and approve the CBA the owners will send them. Once they do, football will be back on. It is believed the only issues remaining is how the NFLPA will re certify as a union.

It was reportedly earlier today that the owners view this as their final offer, and things could get ugly if the NFLPA does not approve it.

DeMaurice Smith is set to hold a conference call with NFL player reps at 8 o clock tonight. It is believed by some, particularly Michael Lombardi of NFL Network, that the players could vote on the CBA at that point. Nancy Gay of FoxSports.com reported earlier today that the NFLPA may ask at that point, if the CBA is approved, that free agency begin as early as Monday.

Today has already been a crazy day of rumors and reports. It should only get crazier tonight, when the NFLPA will supposedly vote whether or not to end the lockout.

Follow @EliotShorrParks for up to the minute reports as news breaks tonight.


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