Vince Young makes sense for Eagles

Take a look at the seasons these two quarterbacks, a year apart in age, had last season:

Player 1: 2-3 record, 60.8 completion percentage, 1197 yds, 7 TD, 7 INT

Players 2: 4-4 record, 59.6 completion percentage 1255 yds, 10 TD, 3 INT

Players 1 is on the trade market, with demands of at least a first round pick.

Player 2 is expected to be released and is looking for a backup job.

Player 1? Kevin Kolb.

Player 2? Vince Young.

In all likely hood, Kevin Kolb will not be an Eagle by this time next week. The offers for the backup quarterback will be to great for Andy Reid to turn down, meaning that perhaps the biggest hole on the Eagles will soon be the back up quarterback position.

Which is why if the Tennessee Titans make good on their word to cut Vince Young, the Eagles should jump on the opportunity to add the former Pro-Bowler.

After looking at the numbers above, the Eagles will be getting great value while upgrading at a position if they bring in Young to be a backup quarterback behind Michael Vick.

It is not hard to make an argument that Young is a better quarterback then Kolb. Kolb is lauded for being an accurate, smart quarterback who gets the ball out quick. However, he has not shown that so far. For his career Kolb has more interceptions (14) then touchdowns (11). Kolb was sacked 15 times last year in only 7 games. Numerous scouts have pointed out that under pressure, Kolb looses his footing and makes bad decisions.

Vince Young, on the other hand, was sacked only 9 times in 12 games two seasons ago when he was a full time starter. For his career, he has thrown just as many interceptions as touchdowns (42). However, over the last two seasons he has 20 touchdowns to only 10 interceptions. He also has shown the ability to run with the ball, as he has rushed for over 200 yards 3 times in his 4 year career.

But perhaps the stat that is most telling about Vince Young is his career winning percentage. In the 47 times Young has started a game, he was victorious in 30 of them. That gives him a career winning percentage of 63%. Kevin Kolbs career winning percentage? 42%.

Vince Young is a winner. He won in college, and despite a tumultuous relationship with Jeff Fisher in Tennessee, he won there. If Michael Vick goes down, the Eagles need someone to come in with confidence and win a game. It’s safe to say that Young, who was called the “best leader he’s ever seen” by Texas coach Mac Brown, fits that description.

In addition, Young gives the Eagles a backup plan if Vick were to suffer a serious injury. Andy Reid loves project quarterbacks, and in Young, he has a player he could build for a year or two before handing over the reigns to the team. Signing Young allows the Eagles to trade Kolb away for the high price tag he will demand, without completely risking the future.

It’s unknown if Vick will accept a backup role, and how he would handle being backup for another year- and maybe more.

But if the Eagles can convince Young to buy into it, they will once again have the best backup quarterback in the league.


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