Plax: Coming to Philly would be an honor

Plaxico Burress continued his campaign to come to Philadelphia today, taking the time to speak on 97.5 the Fanatic earlier today. Among the topics discussed was the possibility of playing with Michael Vick.

Burress wears his colors proudly and sends a message whenever he can

Needless to say, Burress loved the idea.

“It would be a dream come true,” said Burress to the Fanatic. “We played against each other in high school, we’re pretty much from the same area — everybody back home would go absolutely bananas. To just have me, him, DeSean and those guys lining up on the same offense on Sundays, it would really be exciting.”

While there is no doubt that Burress would excited about the possibility, it’s hard to imagine DeSean Jackson would be. Despite the fact the two hung out a few nights ago, Jackson is playing for a contract. Having Burress come in would take touches away, and if Burress can be close to the player he used to be, might ultimately make Jackson expendable.

Burress went on to say how much love he has for Philadelphia, a sentiment that many former New York players seem to have had recently.

“I’m a big Philly fan. Every time I’m in the city they show me nothing but love,” said Burress in his interview with the Fanatic. “When I used to go in there and compete against them I knew I had to play at an elite level or else the fans would run me out of the building. There’s a lot of respect for the city as a whole.”

With his love campaign ending, Burress made sure to put the final touches on it.

“For me to be able to come there, play with some of the guys that I love, a great coach in Andy Reid and a great owner in Jeffrey Lurie, it would really be an honor.”


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