Eagles interested in Ike Taylor?

When the Eagles elected not to draft a cornerback with their top two picks in the NFL draft, it was assumed that they would sign a top notch free agent corner to start opposite Asante Samuel.  Nnamdi Asomugha, the top corner on the market, has been linked to the Birds since the season ended.

Ike Taylor would bring size to the cornerback position for the Eagles

But recent reports from Adam Caplan suggest the team may be looking in-state for a cornerback.

Caplan, of FoxSports.com, is reporting that the Eagles are expected to show “strong interest” in Ike Taylor, who played last season with the Pittsburgh Steelers. Taylor’s price tag is expected to be drastically lower then Asomugha, which is music to Joe Banner’s ears.

Now, saying the Eagles are expected to “show strong interest” is like saying that Andy Reid has “interest in running the football.” It is not exactly a earth shattering report, as its safe to assume the Eagles are interested in any cornerback who is semi-competent to replace Dmitri Patterson.

But the Eagles choosing Taylor over Asomugha makes sense. Other then playing corner, Asomugha dosn’t fit any traits that the Eagles usually target in a free agent. He is over 30, played in a different system, and is looking for a record setting contract. It is also unlike the Eagles to put a lot of money in one position, which they would be if they signed Asomugha.

Taylor, on the other hands, fits the description. Taylor is over 31, but will be paid a fraction of the price. He is a system player who is a solid cover, and good tackler. He also brings decent height, standing at 6’2.

Taylor finished last season with 66 tackles, 1 FF, 1 sack and 2 interceptions. The 8 year veteran would also bring some experience on an otherwise young defense.

The only thing that seems to be missing is that he is not coming off a major knee injury, which the Eagles usually target in a free agent.

If theirs one thing the Eagles love it is getting a player they think can do the job at a bargain price. Taylor would be a solid addition to the defense without breaking the bank, and allow the Eagles to make smaller, cheaper moves such as bringing in Plaxico Burress and Albert Hanyesworth.




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