Arizona Cardinals still interested in Kolb

Its a slow news day, but it seems no matter how slow, the wheel always turns in the Kevin Kolb to Arizona rumor.

Yet another report has the Cardinals very interested in trading for Kolb

Today it is Garry Cobb of reporting that an NFL source close to him assured him that the Cardinals are still very much interested in trading for Kolb. Gcobb says that Kolbs two games against the San Francisco 49ers and Atlanta Falcons really had an impact on the Cardinals. Gcobb has been spot on with reporting in the past, reporting that Asante Samuel would sign with the birds, and that David Akers turned down a deal during this past season.

In addition to learning that the Cardinals were still interested, Gcobb also had this to say about the Cardinals evaluation of Kolb.

I learned that former Arizona Pro Bowl quarterback Kurt Warner didn’t like playing against the physical Niners defense. The Cards like the way Kolb gets the football out of his hands. That was a strength of Warner’s but a weakness of former Cardinals quarterback Matt Leinart. The former first round draft pick was described as a quarterback with a long throwing motion and long stride when throwing the football.

Gcobb emphasized that while the Cardinals are very much interested, the final decision  to make a move for Kolb has not been made.

It’s not surprising that the Cardinals were impressed with Kolb’s play against the Falcons and 49ers. When Kolb is given time and a game plan is constructed to promote his skill set, he can flourish. Kolb has shown he can be very quick with his reads, and when their good, he is very accurate. But against a team like Green Bay, Kolb’s quick release can lead to bad reads- and interceptions.

At this point it seems like the only way that Kolb does not end up in Arizona will be if the Eagles decide not to deal him. Even if a bidding war is started, Arizona cannot afford to loose it due to their basically open courting of Kolb all off season. They have a fan base thats expecting Kolb, and will not accept another year with a miserable quarterback.


One response to “Arizona Cardinals still interested in Kolb

  1. I am a AZ Cardinals fan and you could not be farther off if you see the comments on SBnation, AZ Republic regarding your comment that Cardinal Fans are expecting Kolb.

    Most of us Cardinals Fans and the ones who have any sense of logic rather than blind followers of the stupid media who has to keep reporting (else who would pay them). Clearly see that Eagles demanding DRC who is proven and a draft pick is completely unreasonable. Even DRC alone is unreasonable. Yes, he had a bad year last but so did every person on defense, even Adrian Wilson.

    The problem in trading for Kolb is two fold. He is not proven, except in a couple games you listed. He has more problems if not the same in AZ of a bad O-Line. And if the Cardinals were to pay as much to trade for him, they would need to sign him on a long contarct without even knowing how he plays. That is BAD. And that woudl set Cardinals behind a lot more. Diminishing the defense and the future.

    And as for Fitzgerald demanding it as many Eagles fan somehow believe (as if he came and told them), Fitzgerald wants a good team, a good QB to keep him in AZ. If Kolb stinks then he could still leave.

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