McNabb: Eagles are like family

Donovan McNabb didn’t have much to say about his time in Philadelphia yesterday after his impromptu work on with old teammates in New Jersey.

But McNabb was back at it today, working out at PowerTrain Fitness in New Jersey, the favorite spot of members of the Eagles to lift weights during the lock out.

McNabb says being with his old teammates is like "being with family"

Speaking to Neil Hartman of Comcast SportsNet, McNabb said that being back with his teammates felt like being at home.

“Its really like workout with family members,” said McNabb to Hartman. “We were a part of each others lives for 11 years.”

McNabb has not thrown around with his teammates yet, but says that even working out with familiar faces has been a blast.

“Dave (Akers) has been here pretty much throughout my duration,” said McNabb. “Todd (Herremans) and Jack (Jamaal Jackson), we used to go to dinner together, spend time together during training camp with them being on the offensive line. Its always good to see faces and come out here in an environment where your laughing and joking and being in each others presence. Its a lot of fun.”

McNabb said that despite now being 34, he thinks he can still relate to the younger plays on the team- whichever team that ends up being next season.

“I don’t feel like I’m 34. If the younger guys see a 34 year old guy pushing and lifting weights, its going to make them push harder. Once you see someone work hard, your going to want to work harder. Thats all a part of trying to get better.”

Though McNabb may talk about being able to relate to younger players, all of the reports coming out of the locker room during his last season in Philadelphia were that he did not have the best relationship with the young receivers on the team.

McNabb does look in better shape then he was last season, and has talked about trying to start scrambling again to his game. McNabb has always been known to have a great work ethic, and taught Michael Vick a lot about being a professional during the one season they spent together.


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