McNabb works out with Eagles in New Jersey

Where Donovan McNabb will play next year in unknown. Though he is under contract with the Washington Redskins, no one in the league believes for a minute he will suit up for another game with them. McNabb has not been at any informal workouts.

But he did show up today in New Jersey to work out with some members of the Philadelphia Eagles.

McNabb worked out in New Jersey with Eagle players this afternoon. Picture courtesy of Mark Meany.

McNabb seems to have regained some real affection for his time in Philadelphia in the recent weeks. First, he sent out invitations to a charity party event in which he described himself as “Philadelphia Eagles all-time leading passer and future Hall of Famer”.

Now McNabb is working out with Eagle players instead of his own current (for now) team mates. Although players from different teams have been working out together all off season, there is something odd about McNabb deciding to join his former team for a workout.

There is no question that after how bad it has gone for McNabb since he left the safe nest that was the NovaCare Complex, he would welcome a return to the Eagles. While that will never happen, it seems McNabb is confident that he will “prove everyone wrong” next season.

Check out the video below. Notice anything about the uniform he is wearing in the poster in the background?


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