Goodell Speaks as Meetings End

Rodger Goodell just spoke to the media in Chicago, as this round of owner meetings came to an early ending. Most media outlets expected the owner convention to go into tomorrow, but the owners are heading home following what ended up being about an 8 hour meeting.

Rodger Goodell feels good about the state of the talks

Goodell said that the only issue discussed today were labor issues, but seemed encouraged about how the talks went.

“Its a tremendous positive that the sides are talking. The owner labor committee has done a terrific job of keeping the owners informed,” said Goodell, per Daniel Kaplan of the Sports Business Journal.

While Goodell confirmed what every expected- that no deal is completed- he did say that the owners now have a very strong view of the priorities.

As for reports that their was some owners who were unhappy with the way talks were going, Goodell said that was news to him.

“I don’t think there was a gap in the first place with owners” said the commissioner.

Throughout the day, different details came out regarding what a possible new CBA would look like. Goodell, however, dispelled some of those rumors.

“We have no discussed a 16 game Thursday night TV package recently” said Goodell.

With the owners done meeting for now, it is now the players turn. Reports are that the NFLPA will meet tomorrow in Boston to discuss issues amongst themselves.

What does all of this mean? It now appears that a deal could, and should, be struck by mid-July at the latest. Some people even believe that a deal could be done by June 30th.

Either way, today was an important day in the NFL Lockout, and it appears the outcome will only help bring a quicker resolution.


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