Protesters show up at Vick autograph signing

Residents of Butler, New Jersey promised to let their displeasure be known with a local sports shop having Michael Vick come and sign autographs.

Protesters wait outside for Vick to arrive

So that is why when Vick showed up to Butler Sports Cards on Sunday, he was greeted by over 50 protesters, all holding signs and chanting at the Pro-Bowl quarterback.

Holding signs that read “Your not welcome here”, “How many chances”, and “The hand that’s signing you’re autographs is covered in blood”, the protesters yelled at fans that came in to get posters, cards and jerseys signed. Some brought dogs that had been rescued  from the world of dog fighting.

“I see no signs of genuine remorse,” said Roberta Taylor to “I think anyone can be redeemed, but I don’t see it with him.”

When Vick did arrive, he was greeted by boos from the protesters and cheers from the over 200 fans that were there to meet Vick.

Vick arrives in the back of the sports store

According to, the protesters yelled “Killer” every time the door opened for another fan, and that police had to put up barricades starting at 6:30 in the morning. The protesters and fans yelled back and forth at each other all afternoon.

One fan asked Vick how he felt about the protesters outside, to which he replied “It ain’t that bad.”


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