Vick set to hold classroom session for teammates

Michael Vick has been noticeably absent from the Eagles recent workouts, as back up quarterback Mike Kakfa has been the only constant presence during the New Jersey throwing sessions.

But at the opening of his fiance’s new Pnk Elephant store on South Street this morning, Vick said that he plans to get the guys together soon, but in a different way then other teams have been practicing.

Michael Vick knows the off the field work is just as important as the work on it

“We’re going to get together for one week and go through all our calls, and just make sure everybody’s on the same page so when we go to camp everybody’s on the same accord,” said Vick to Tim McManus of “It will be more classroom work; it won’t be on-the-field stuff. We may be on the field for one day to go through our calls.”

If Vick is able to get players such as DeSean Jackson, Jeremy Maclin and LeSean McCoy in the classroom to go over playcalls, it truly will show the leadership and pull he has on the team. It’s hard to imagine the players will want to spend a hot summer afternoon in a class room, but if they do, they will be better for it. The practice in New Jersey are nothing more then a star studded (sometimes) game of catch for the fans that show up to watch. While it is better then doing nothing, class room sessions would be much more beneficial, and Vick knows it.

“Just to make sure that everybody is familiar with everything- the young guys, we’ll bring everyone in” said Vick.

One thing that hurt the Eagles at the end of last season was their blitz protection pick up, and Vick received a lot of the criticism for it. Getting his players together to work on play calling and audibles  is a sign Vick realizes that is a weakness in his game right now. It also shows a great amount of maturity amongst the “young guns” as Jackson refers to the weapons on this team as.

When will these class room sessions take place? Vick said that after this football camp in Virginia is a possible date, meaning the players could get together in the last week of June. As to why he has not been at the majority of the practices in New Jersey, Vick had this to say.

“I basically told the guys, make sure you are working out but don’t burn yourself out. We want to make sure we play it safe and get some rest, but at the same time make sure you are working out.”

It’s clear that Vick realizes that the things that brought this team down last season were not physical, but mental- and he plans to work on them during this off season, lock out or not.


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