Not all NFL Owners on board with potential deal

The latest news surrounding the NFL Labor dispute is a glass half empty, glass half full kind of update.

Could Jerry Jones be one of the owners unhappy with the direction of the labor talks?

Adam Schefter of reported this morning that a “handful” of owners are not happy with the direction that the negotiations are going, feeling that they don’t address all of the issues.  Schefter goes on to say that these few owners could be the reason that the meeting in Chicago on the 21st has turned into an over night affair, with the hopes of convincing those who are not happy with the talks that everything is ok.

This could mean a number of things.

From a glass half full kind of view, it is a good sign that out of the 32 owners, only a handful are not happy with the way talks are going. reports that only 24 votes are needed to pass a deal, meaning that it really is only a hand full of unhappy millionaires, they won’t be able to stop any deal from happening.

From a glass half empty kind of view, it really depends on who these owners are. Is Jerry Jones, one of the more influential owners in the league, one of those who feel that the talks are going the wrong way? Jones has the power to sway votes, and opinions, in the room. His displeasure with a potential deal would way more then a newer owner who does not hold the same status in the room.  Another pessimistic way to view the news is that anytime there is a portion of the room that is unhappy, it could open the eyes of others, putting the talks back in the wrong direction.

Will the unhappy owners be able to get their way? How the meetings in Chicago coming up go will have a lot to do with that.

Stay tuned.


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