NFL Experts predict “Mid-July” End to Lockout

Peter King, arguably the man most tapped into the NFL, released his Monday Morning Quarterback column today. In it, he gave some new details on the labor situation, all of which are extremely positive.

One hurdle has been crossed, according to King, in terms of revenue in the upcoming years. As King explains it, the owners and players could not agree on was the “backside of the salary capped years from 2011 through 2014.” From my understanding, with a new TV deal coming up, the players want the salary cap to increase with any new revenue. The owners were unwilling at first, but now according to King, are willing to do so.

NFL fans could be seeing this image again very soon, according to King.

A great sign is that the two sides now have smaller committees working on different issues, instead of a large room with everyone, including lawyers, working on everything. King writes that with issues such as workout days during the off season and health care benefits upon retirement, the “devil is in the details, and owners and players are working on getting closer on them.”

King also goes into the details of money that will be lost by missing preseason games, and he estimates it could be around 700 million dollars. The majority of that money is to the league, not to the players. King correctly points out that missing preseason games will show the advertisers that talks are going bad, and they may take their money else where. People talk about owners wanting players to miss game checks, but the owners have a lot to lose as well by this thing going into the season.

But perhaps the best piece of news is what one source told King.

“There’s a long way to go,” said one of Kings sources. “But instead of people yelling at each other, trying to score debating points, now people are sitting down and talking to each other, trying to solve a very involved case. That’s progress.”

That is indeed progress. It sounds like the two sides are finally working together, as opposed to the day the lock out started, when they were taking turns  ripping each other on national TV.

What does all of this mean? To King it means a deal being done within a month. Michael Lombardi of the NFL Network also said this morning on 610WIP that he sees a deal being done by mid July. This would allow the season to go on as planned, with nothing being missed.

And at the end of the day, what this all really means is that with each passing day, the news gets better and better for NFL fans.


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