NFL Writer Labels Asante Samuel “Overrated”

If the NFL got a dollar every time their was an article written disputing a “overrated, underrated” list, this labor dispute would have been settled a long time ago.

Shut down corner? Sometimes. Turn over machine? Absolutely.

But they don’t, so on a slow news day, an article that labels Eagles corner back Asante Samuel as over rated is the talk amongst Eagles fans today.

Pete Prisco of picked an underrated and overrated player on each team in the NFL, and the 4 time Pro-Bowl player was the winner of “overrated” on the Eagles.

Here is what Prisco had to say about Samuel:

“I say it every year here: Good player, not great. big-time gambler. He makes plays, but he also gives up a bunch.”

While it is maybe to harsh to call Samuel over rated,  Prisco does have a point: Samuel does give up a lot of plays. His gamble style of defense usually pays off more then any other corner in the NFL, and he is one of the few play makers on the Eagles defense.

But Samuel’s style does come with a downside. His tendency to play 5, 6 yards off of a receiver has burned the Eagles before, as wide outs go under Samuel for short gains time and time again. Larry Fitzgerald of the Arizona Cardinals killed Samuel in the NFC Championship a few years back by running underneath routes. Samuel has shown that he has trouble with playing up on the line, and has been burned at times because of it.

Does Samuel has flaws? Absolutely. But who doesn’t?

But the NFL is all about winning the turn over battle, and you can count the amount of corners who are better then Samuel at coming up with the ball on one hand. The fact is, Samuel has played a major role in helping the Eagles win games since he’s been here, and has been the best player on the defense for most of his time as well.

Perfect corner? No.

But overrated? No as well.


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